Welcome to 2017!

It is going to be a great year to be a Bobcat. So, many exciting things are taking place in our district that I want to share with you. If you really want to keep up with our daily school activities, you can follow us on Facebook- Fruitvale ISD. There are pictures and news frequently posted by the district, or check out our website at fruitvaleisd.com. I am excited that very soon you will begin to see the progress on the new Career and Technical Education Facility. The architect has finished all of his construction documents and the construction start is a few weeks away. The Instructional Facility Allotment funding came through at a higher percent than we hoped, 65.8% will be funded by the state according to the preliminary rankings. We advertised 50 % would be covered by the state, but it looks like we will have more paid for by the state.

Fruitvale ISD has received several grants this year to improve our education, enrollment is up by 10%, and our electricity bills have dropped because of all the energy savings initiatives we completed during the summer.

Fruitvale ISD completed a new visioning process with a mission of Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow, belief statements for our district, and a 21st Century Learning Plan for students to be well prepared for their futures. As we strive to achieve these goals, we appreciate your support. One of the goals is currently being implemented by rolling out 112 new chromebooks district wide. This means we have 1:1 chromebooks at middle school and high school, and 1:2 at the elementary. Our students are being immersed in technology.

Our high school students are seeing great success academically. We have students competing in Math and Calculator against all size schools and having great success. We hope to have these students compete in state at UIL this year. Our Junior high students won UIL overall with a huge margin scoring more than all the other teams combined, elementary placed 3rd overall in their division. This year we have continued our middle school challenge class, added dual credit medical courses taught on campus, and added robotics back to the high school schedule.

Our athletic programs are performing at a high level with Cross Country and Volleyball making Regionals. The junior high girls also took home the district title in Volleyball. Our student organizations are also doing wonderful things and being very successful.

I am so proud of our staff; they work hard and really care about the students at Fruitvale.  The counselors have a BE KIND program this year running district wide, working with students on choosing to be kind in every situation. I think this is an important lesson not only in school, but in life. Our teachers have implemented several changes to curriculum and instruction, and I know these changes will benefit our students also. Finally, I know that our students are the best anywhere; they are so smart, well behaved, and motivated to be successful.

I am extremely blessed to work in such a wonderful community and school. Thank you for your support of our district, and please let us know what we can do to support your students.


Rebecca Bain
Fruitvale ISD