Happy 2018 from Fruitvale ISD:

 We are so proud of the work that our students, faculty and parents are doing this school year. Our middle school won the entire Junior High UIL district competition, our elementary placed second in the UIL district competition, our FFA Radio Team won the Tarleton Invitational competition, and our Robotics team just placed 5th against schools of all sizes in competition. The school district has experienced another 10% growth this year, adding 80 students in two years. The more than a diploma program was recognized on the front cover of Texas School Business Magazine. The district was also recognized for superior achievement on our FIRST financial report, and has acquired additional grant funding. Finally, our girls’ athletic teams have advanced in Cross Country and Volleyball to Regional Competition. These are just the highlights of the success of our district so far this school year.

Fruitvale ISD’s school board is working hard to improve facilities for our school and meet the growing need of students in our district. We recently completed the CATE facility, made repairs from the tornado damage, and are working to resurface the track and rebuild the concession stand at the stadium. We appreciate the community support for our growth and improvement in the district.

Fruitvale ISD school board also adopted an order calling a bond election for new facilities in the district during the January school board meeting. The bond amount approved by the board is $4,000,000; the bonds will be sold over two years to maximize state funding. Fruitvale ISD intends to utilize the state of Texas Existing Debt Allotment program to help fund the additional facilities if tax payers approve the bond and pay a portion. It is anticipated that the state will begin funding EDA at around 66% of the cost after the first couple of years. This would bring an estimated 2.6 million dollars from the state to our school and community to fund needed facilities.

Fruitvale ISD intends to build a high school gymnasium that will meet the NCAA standards for floor size and will contain much needed additional seating on the home and visitor sides. As the community has observed there is overcrowding during graduation, Christmas programs, awards programs, pep rallies and athletic events because of the continual enrollment increase. Both current gyms are utilized throughout the day, every day. The current high school athletic teams are not able to practice every day because of the current gym being utilized for other games. The old gym facility has several issues because of age, and many issues that don’t allow it to be used for school athletic events. We do plan to continue its use for elementary P.E. programs.

We want all of our students to receive a high quality, well-rounded education and studies show that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are typically better students and citizens in our community. There is also a link between the learning environment and the experience that students get in school. Extracurricular can be used as an accommodation to keep students in school. They learn many life lessons such as team work, caring for your health, and culture building.

Fruitvale ISD wants to offer a comprehensive educational program to all students that include physical fitness. The new facility would include a NCAA size court with cross court capabilities and a weight room for girls/boys athletics.

This facility could serve as the emergency operations area for our community when the need arises. Emergency lighting for first responders would be improved in the new facility. Facilities can also be rented to other districts for usage for playoff games.

We want to remain competitive in every aspect of what we provide our students and community. A gymnasium is an extension of a comprehensive education. The gymnasium will be a gathering place with hundreds of students and community members plugging into graduation, awards programs, educational programs, assemblies, athletic games, cheerleaders, band, student council and more.

Informational meetings will be held in the coming months to help answer any additional questions that exist about the bond. We are also currently accepting applications in the administration office to run for school board until February 16
th. Let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support of Fruitvale ISD.



Rebecca Bain
Fruitvale ISD