Fruitvale ISD families,

Well, it is the last week of school for our bobcat family, and what a year! Our students and faculty have put in hard work this year, and they have success upon success in all areas to show for it! I am so proud of the work we do here at Fruitvale ISD with our students. This week’s graduation is the final moment of pride for our senior class as they walk across the stage and into the real world. I have confidence that they are prepared for the road ahead. 

I wanted to share some information with our families because of the news that has hit the nation with violence in several schools. It is a scary thought for families, faculty and for our communities that these acts occur with our children. At Fruitvale ISD we have considered safety the highest priority with education being the second priority. When I first met with the board several years ago, they brought up having a police officer on campus, and it was discussed and funding was discussed. Last year the district completed the safety audit for the district that is required every three years, our district passed the safety audit and received the State School Safety Certification as a district this past year. Our board has continued to look at several safety options and initiatives for our school.

We changed our school procedures for an intruder last year to match the recommendation from research by the federal school safety organizations. Staff has been trained for such an incident.  The district improvement team and the school board have worked this year on school safety options. The board did decide to hire a certified police officer on campus for the 2018-2019 school year, there are many roles they can assist with in the district, but keeping our students and faculty safe will be their priority. The board also voted to update our video surveillance system to a high definition system and add cameras to areas in the district that need additional surveillance. Our students will be monitored more extensively to ensure their safety.

The FISD school board has also decided on some changes in procedures next year to increase safety, such as after the first two weeks of school, parents who wish to enter the facility will have to go through the office for visitor tags instead of all doors being open for anyone to enter the buildings in the morning. They have considered several other options, but will look to our new police officer to provide some guidance on additional safety features for the district.

If you have any questions please call us with your concerns. We also have excellent counselors on campus if students need support when they hear of these events. Please talk to your kids about these situations, and let them know to tell you if they have concerns.  Many times students show signs that other students might see before adults would notice, and we appreciate you letting us know if those signs are communicated by your child about another student. Together we can help and support all children, and keep them safe in our homes and schools.

As always, we appreciate your support of Fruitvale ISD, and wish you a safe and happy summer!

Rebecca Bain
Fruitvale ISD